History Teacher Wins Kiss-A-Pig Contest

Karval’s history teacher Stephen Crane won the 2012 Kiss-A-Pig Contest during Karval’s FFA Week.

Crane took the obligatory first kiss from Pigachu, a female Duroc piglet provided by Vermillion Show Pigs. He then kissed her again to appease the cheering crowd.

Mr. Crane won the contest by receiving the most money in his can. The other contestants were Kathy Schroedl, Kenny Bridges, and Aaron Kravig.

The Kiss-A-Pig Contest coincided with a coloring contest, an egg toss, and a roping contest for the elementary school.¬†Bailey Reystead won the roping contest. The high schoolers¬†participated in a hay-stacking contest and a nailing contest. Chance and Chase Seymour also had a epic egg toss battle that ended with egg on Chance’s palm and the east side of the shop.

Other unofficial pig-kissers included Kathy Schroedl, Jade Schroedl, Cadence Schroedl, and Clay Mayo.

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Pictures by Denise Williams and Rachel Vermillion.

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  1. Looks and sounds like fun!

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